Provider Directories

You can click on the links below to view and print the PDF versions of the directories. You can contact Member Services at 1-800-947-4969 to request a copy of the Provider Directory.


                     STAR Kids Provider Directory English/Spanish

                     Pharmacy Directory 


If you do not see your provider listed, please call Member/Provider Services at 1-800-947-4969.


Tips for using Provider and Pharmacy search tool:

  • If searching by location, do not enter your personal address
  • If you know a Provider's exact address, enter it in the appropriate search fields
  • If searching for a provider in a specific city, list the city in the appropriate field. Do not add a zip code as it will limit search results to the specific zip code, not the entire city
  • If searching for a provider within a specific zip code, enter the zip code only


How do I select my Primary Care Provider or Clinic?

Your Primary Care Physician is the health care professional who will coordinate your health care. They will answer your questions and help you make the best decisions about your health care. 

Dual-eligible (Medicare/Medicaid coverage) Children’s Medical Center Health Plan STAR Kids Members are not required to select a PCP.  Please contact Member Services at 1-800-947-4969 if you have any questions.  

Here are some handy tips for choosing your provider:

  • Look for your current doctor in our index at the back of this directory.
  • If you are picking a new doctor, we have them listed by city.
  • You may pick a clinic as your doctor; look at the clinic section of this directory.
  • You can select a Primary Care Provider in the Member Portal.
  • Call Member Services at 1-800-947-4969 if you need assistance selecting a Primary Care Provider.


Specialty Referrals

Children's Medical Center Health Plan does not require referrals from a PCP to an in-network specialist.


How do I get Ob/Gyn services?

Women have the right to select an Ob/Gyn without a referral from your Primary Care Provider. You can select an Ob/Gyn doctor from this directory or call 1-800-947-4969. Ob/Gyn care services include:

  • One well woman checkup per year.
  • Care for female medical conditions.
  • Care related to pregnancy.


How do I get Family Planning services?

You do not need a referral from your Primary Care Provider for these services. You can go to any family planning doctor that accepts Medicaid.



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